What Italy is famous for? Pasta, pizza, tiramisu? Not only! First of all, Italy is famous for its simplicity and hospitality. A true Italian – a man who has open mind, big smile and joy in his eyes. And exactly these traits of a true Italian cuisine make it a uniquely delicious and appetizing. However, you do not need to spend money on expensive tickets to enjoy this famous food. There is a place in Uzhgorod, which can rightly be called the “Little Italy” for its true hospitality, kindness and cordiality. After all, the slogan of Trattoria Cento Perchento is “La casa mia e ‘aperta al sole, agli amici e agli ospiti”, that means “My house is open to the sun, friends and guests”.

In addition to the kindly and friendly staff here you can have a healthy Italian breakfast or lunch for affordable price and see how chefs cook for you in the wood-burning oven.

Our Trattoria is especially proud of its true Neapolitan wood-burning oven. To bake a genuine pizza oven should be stoked with wood and have a temperature of not lower than 400 degrees Celsius.  We use top quality Italian flour for our pizza. It is made of hard wheat grains without bran and contains very little gluten. Thats why freshly baked pizza made of such dough comes out low-calorie. The true pizzaiolo do not roll the dough with a rolling pin, he rolls out it by hand.

The true pizza on the thinnest dough with a crispy crust, delicious homemade pasta, a wide range of meat and seafood and large variety of Italian wines – it is impossible to fake their taste. We can only carefully create it, using the best recipes and traditions of Italy. And it’s no coincidence that the name of our Trattoria is translated from Italian as “one hundred percent”.

La casa mia e’ aperta al sole, agli amici e agli ospiti